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I am transferring from my father residency to a company. My title is storekeeper, I want to know whether I can change the sponsor within one year or I would have to wait one year to change residency to another company.

I also want to understand whether the rules will remain the same for all job titles or rules will be different for different job titles. If you hold a university degree you can change a sponsor so long as your current sponsor is willing to give you a release. On the other hand, if your current sponsor insists on holding you we are afraid you have to complete the mandatory one year with him.

On your second question, the rules remain the same if you operate under the open-ended contract. They may however change under a fixed-term contract.

In fact the rules remain the same regardless of job title. I am a degree holder and have been working in this company as an IT manager for over 11 years, but my residence permit shows my designation as ‘Computer Operator’. My residence was renewed in December 2016 for two years.

Now I have the assignment to handle our other office in Qatar and they say that with this designation I won’t get visa on arrival. So they have asked me to change it. I checked with our PRO who says it is not possible to change it before two years. Also wanted to know if it is possible then, if they change, will it affect my driving licence too. My salary is KD 750. Please advise.

Name withheld

Answer: Your PRO is correct, you cannot do anything about the designation as reflected in your residence permit. The change can only be effected during the process to renew your residence. A change in designation will however not affect your driving licence. Only ‘driver’, ‘mandoub’, ‘housewife’ and ‘student’ lose their driving licences when they change their designations under current regulations.

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This news has been read 11237 times!

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