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Monday , December 6 2021

Ahmed Al Jarallah

Iraqis burn Iran’s Trojan horse

THE assassination attempt on the Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi is a clear message of where matters would go if the state does not succumb …

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Lebanese mafia seizes Gulf deposits

DEPOSITS of Kuwait’s Public Authority for Social Security in the oldest bank in Lebanon – Fransabank – is only the tip of the iceberg revealed …

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A drop of reform, then torrent: This is how nations rise when they get wise leadership

THE progress of a nation does not occur out of the blue. It happens as a result of a sense of cohesion among living organisms …

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Iran camel broke Lebanon’s back

THE Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati is making the mistake of knocking on the doors of some capitals in an effort to resolve his country’s …

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Do they want amnesty or to undermine our State?

THE current parliamentary term commenced with a truce between some parliamentary blocs and the government, under the title of achieving a general amnesty. However, those …

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Arab-international force for a rescue of Lebanon

THE challenge in Lebanon is not the presence of 19 sects, each with a personal status law and religious reference. Rather, its major challenge lies …

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Arabs of religious slogans, insulting Jews, Christians on pulpits, yet seeking their military and scientific capabilities in crises and wars

ONE of the Western technology companies has about 155,000 employees, while another company has 70,000 employees. These two companies have provided mankind with more than …

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Lebanon of Arabism, not of Persianization

THE Lebanese Information Minister George Kordahi’s stance regarding Saudi Arabia and his apparent bias towards Iran in its continuous aggression against Saudi Arabia and the …

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Wonderful is a speech of awakening and correction, but what’s important is to stop stick, carrot approach

GIVEN that we are eager for reassurances, the people of this country view the speech of His Highness the Prime Minister as a call for …

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Great challenges of Mishal Al-Ahmad

WITH a clear vision and determination to change the environmental situation of his country, the speech of His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad …

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