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Monday , December 6 2021

Ahmed Al Jarallah

Had it not been for Abu Al-Hasan Al-Isfahani, radish seller would have made students of Samarra University ‘deceitful’ and ‘ignorant’ teachers

SCANDALS related to forged academic certificates bought from “selling stores” in some universities in various countries around the world emerge on a daily basis. This …

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Oman of Haitham bin Tariq

ON Thursday last week, the Sultanate of Oman celebrated its 51st National Day. Throughout these 51 years, this country managed to score many achievements that …

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Isn’t it time to amend the Constitution?

CONSTITUTIONS were designed to express the identity of societies and to organize the political life of states. Therefore, there is always room for improvement as …

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Invest in brains, capabilities, get out of the shell of racism

GIVEN that creative people are the most valuable thing a country can have, the competition for scientific pioneership has become the goal of all societies …

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Where is the Speaker in what is transpiring?

THE recently-resigned Cabinet will not be missed by the majority of Kuwaitis. Today, the ball is in the court of the National Assembly Speaker, who …

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No one but me

SPECIAL pardon or amnesty is an absolute constitutional right of the head of any state. It has its terms and conditions that are determined by …

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Countries fall when regimes favor the corrupt, where law becomes ‘all is well as long as you are on my good side’

ONE of the political and administrative traditions in the Third World countries is that the systems take the form and build on it, but leave …

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Government of churning milk, good butter is what gets eaten

BEING creative is to turn challenges into opportunities for the development of society without harming any of its segments. Therefore when a government succumbs to …

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Your Highness … ‘No one in this country but this boy?’ Give the bow to the expert

ISN’T it time for Kuwait to get out of the cycle of crises caused by the government — both the prime minister and his Cabinet …

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Needed is a PM with clout

FINALLY the government resigned recently, despite all the fortifications that its Prime Minister tried to use in order to avoid interpellations. On the other hand, …

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