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Legal Clinic

Husband abandons wife and child – Transfer of child’s residence to mother

My husband’s company sent him to the UAE in October 2015 so he comes and goes but in December, he contracted another marriage without informing …

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Difference in leave salary after increment

I am working for a company in Kuwait. I would like to take your advice on the following. On 15-12-2016, I had paid leave balance …

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Wife blacklisted due to failure in medical examination

Thank you very much for giving Legal Clinic solutions to the readers. My concern is the same as many people have already asked you. But …

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Child born from Kuwaiti father outside Kuwait – How to acquire passport for the child.

I saw you have Legal Clinic and I would like to ask for some information. I am married to a Kuwaiti national and I gave …

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Driving license issue – Change in designation from Mandoub (Company Representative) to Mandoub Mabiyat (Sales representative)

My position in the company is ‘mandup shoun w Jawaazat’. As mentioned on ‘Izan amal’. I want to renew my residence and I am told …

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Couple not married – dependent visa for child

Greetings to you. I want to ask you regarding my daughter. I want to transfer her visit visa to dependent visa but me and my …

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Dependent visa salary cap and confusion over exemptions

Dear sir/madam, I would like to ask regarding a man sponsoring his wife. When the rule for the salary cap of KD 450 increase came …

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Transfer work visa to a new employer

With regards to the above, I would like to know whether it is possible to transfer to a new employer under following circumstances. The person …

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Driving licence valid upto 2024- Came back to Kuwait on new visa

I was in Kuwait and hold driving licence valid till 2024. I left Kuwait and will come back to join a new company. Now I …

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Visa restrictions on Pakistani nationals

Are there any visa (Kuwait) restrictions on Pakistani nationals, specially for professional engineers? Name withheld Answer: Yes, for some time now there have been visa …

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