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Thursday , December 2 2021

Legal Clinic

Home Quarantine with unpaid leave

I arrived from India on March 6. As everyone is aware that Ministry of Health issued the guidelines that expatriates who have arrived from travel …

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Indemnity – Company asking to sign “Financial Clearance Certificate”

I have been working in a company for the last 13 years and my salary is KD 1,000. I asked my company to provide me …

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Is the official work leave for the private sector as well, or is it only for the public sector?

The official work leave is for the public sector. The Private sector has the right to decide whether to grant leave or not, while adhering …

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Transfer of Visa 20 to 22 – Documents

I need information. My wife is on visa 20 and still she is working but I need to transfer her visa to my sponsorship so, …

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Designation and Salary change – Will I loose my Driving License?

Currently I am holding a driving licence. My designation is ‘Mandoop Mubiyath’. My salary is KD 600 in work permit, and I am a university …

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Indemnity calculation

Please help me calculate my indemnity. I have resigned from my company and my last working day is 31 January, 2020. My joining date in …

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Renewal of wife residence, but salary decreased

My concern is, my wife came to Kuwait in June 2019 when my salary was KD 500, as I changed my company and my current …

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Can I get designation of Manager IT or Computer Manager from shoun (ministry).

I have Bachelor of Arts and post graduate diploma in computer science. Can I get designation of Manager IT or Computer Manager from shoun (ministry). …

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Reapplying for visa

I brought my wife on family visa (dependent visa) and she went back to India for delivering a baby on 22nd of July 2019. Due …

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Visa 20 holder working in office – Can I report her to Police?

Can I report someone who is Visa 20 holder….but she is now working in the office…. what will happen to her if I report her …

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