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MoE collects over KD 5m through penalties imposed on absentees

KUWAIT CITY, MAY 7: Ministry of Education over the past four years has generated nearly KD5,483,367 through penalties imposed on absentees, especially employees exceeding the …

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Doctor’s scribbles … A puzzle understood by ‘pharmacists’

‘Can cause tragedy if read incorrectly’ KUWAIT CITY, May 7, (KUNA): Have you ever wondered how a small paper that is written in an incomprehensible …

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No confidence motion vote on info minister

Al-Jabri KUWAIT CITY, May 7: The National Assembly will hold a special session as planned on Tuesday to vote on the noconfidence motion against Information …

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MP wants to expedite levying charges on remittances of expats

MP Khalil Al-Saleh KUWAIT CITY, May 7: Head of Parliament’s Human Resources Committee MP Khalil Al-Saleh revealed that he has started collecting signatures of his …

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60% of staff at work on 1st day of Ramadan

Transactions completed due to low number of visitors KUWAIT CITY, May 7: In the midst of exchanging congratulations and conciliations as well as discussions about …

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‘Breaking fast in Ramadan for labors working under the sun permissible’

Compensate for missing days later: Preachers KUWAIT CITY, May 7: A number of preachers explained that “breaking fast during Ramadan for Kuwaitis working under the …

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GTD amends timings of trucks plying roads in Ramadan

KUWAIT CITY, May 6: The Public Relations and Media Security General Department in the Interior Ministry announced that the General Traffic Department has amended the …

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MoE need 780 teachers only 87 eligible

KUWAIT CITY, May 6: Even though the Public Education Sector of Ministry of Education require 780 teachers of both genders of nine specializations for the …

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MoSAL receives request for fund-raising ‘blood money’

KUWAIT CITY, May 6: The requests for fund-raising to solve the issues of blood money have spread to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor …

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Expat remittances up by 3.9%

KUWAIT CITY, May 6: The remittances of expatriate workers increased by 3.9 percent last year, reports Al-Rai daily. According to data from the Central Bank …

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