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Wednesday , October 20 2021


Lebanese expats fear Gulf expulsion – Jobs, extended families at risk

DUBAI, April 8, (RTRS): Ahmed, a Lebanese worker living in the United Arab Emirates, closed down his Facebook page and started to shun some of …

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Belgians nab key attack suspect – Abrini held

BRUSSELS, April 8, (AP): A fugitive suspect in the Nov 13 Paris attacks was arrested in Belgium on Friday, French police officials said, after a …

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DAESH double fighters in Libya – Militias check growth

WASHINGTON, April 8, (RTRS): Islamic State has doubled its fighters in Libya to between 4,000 and 6,000 in the last 12 to 18 months but …

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IS spreading like cancer: UN chief

GENEVA, April 8, (AFP): The Syrian confl ict has acted like a greenhouse for extremist groups which are now spreading “like a cancer”, the UN …

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Europe may ‘visa’ North Americans

BRUSSELS, April 7, (RTRS): The European Union executive is considering whether to make US and Canadian citizens apply for visas before travelling to the bloc, …

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Danish police arrest 4 alleged IS fighters

COPENHAGEN, April 7, (Agencies): Copenhagen police said Thursday they had detained four people on suspicion of joining the Islamic State group in Syria and seized …

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Iranian man who killed dog sentenced to 74 lashes – Accused seen hurling animal against car

TEHRAN, April 7, (AFP): An Iranian man has been sentenced to 74 lashes for killing a dog, the judiciary-linked Mizan news agency reported Wednesday, after …

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EU threatens to sanction tax havens like Panama – French regulator demands extra information from banks

BERLIN, April 7, (Agencies): The European Union has threatened to sanction countries like Panama if they continue to refuse to cooperate fully to fight money …

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Satellite firm stops Hezbollah TV broadcasts in Lebanon

BEIRUT, April 6, (AFP): A leading Arab satellite operator cut transmission of Hezbollah’s television channel Al-Manar on Wednesday amid rising tensions between the Lebanese Shiite …

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Politicians, celebrities deny offshore abuse

BERLIN, April 6, (AP): The president of Ukraine became the latest prominent politician to deny wrongdoing Wednesday after his name was linked to secretive offshore …

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