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Monday , December 6 2021


Bangladesh arrests ‘mentor’ of assassins – Dozens detained for attacks on Hindus

DHAKA, Nov 6, (Agencies): Bangladesh police said they arrested early Sunday a veteran Islamist extremist who had “mentored” the assassins of a Japanese farmer shot …

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Two children killed in bomb blast in southeastern Turkey – 9 newspaper staff arrested, more pro-Kurdish officials detained

ANKARA, Nov 5, (RTRS): Two children were killed when a bomb planted by the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) exploded in the southeastern Turkish province …

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OIC condemns Houthis attack on sanctities in Saudi Arabia – Yemeni rebels show alleged Saudi captives on TV

JEDDAH, Nov 5, (Agencies): The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has condemned in the strongest terms militias of Yemen’s Houthis and former president Ali Abdullah …

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Iraqi troops battle IS for last town south of Mosul – Bombs hit convoy, kill 18

NEAR HAMMAM AL-ALIL, Iraq, Nov 5, (RTRS): Iraqi troops advancing towards Mosul battled on Saturday for the last town left between them and the Islamic …

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Iraqi forces push deeper into Mosul – Fighting fierce

MOSUL, Iraq, Nov 4, (RTRS): Iraqi special forces said they recaptured six districts of eastern Mosul on Friday, expanding the army’s foothold in the Islamic …

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Clinton, Trump push into finale – What happens if US election is close?

RALEIGH, United States, Nov 4, (Agencies): Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump geared up Friday for one final weekend to sway undecided voters and cajole supporters …

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Thousands hide from ‘crackdown’ – TV channel to be penalized

KULGAM, India, Nov 4, (AP): Deep within a vast orchard, dozens of young Kashmiris laze in the shade of apple trees. Surrounded by boxes of …

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Iraqi troops in Mosul – Baghdadi recording says ‘no retreat’

KOKJALI/BAGHDAD, Iraq, Nov 3, (RTRS): Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi told his followers on Thursday there could be no retreat in a “total war” …

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239 migrants die in shipwrecks of Libya – Russia grants Seagal Citizenship

GENEVA, Nov 3, (Agencies): At least 239 migrants, believed to be from West Africa, have died in two shipwrecks off Libya, a spokesman for the …

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Iran commander says US in ‘strong decline’

A senior Iranian military official welcomed Thursday what he said was the “strong decline” of the United States, during celebrations marking the start of the …

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