Cancer patients say long wait for appointments ‘increases suffering’

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MoH adopts specific practical methodology to provide medicines

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 1: The difficult phase that some of the cancer patients during past months as a result of scarcity of medicines prescribed for them may have eased health sources said the Ministry was able to solve most of these problems, and succeeded in supplying medicines, especially for patients for some types of cancers and chronic and incurable diseases, but long wait for appointments has added to the suffering of these patients, reports Al- Qabas daily. Meanwhile, the sources added, the first batch of imported medicines cost the state about 4.5 million dinars, bypassing many challenges, some of which were imposed by the repercussions of the Corona pandemic, such as the closure of some factories, and the international companies apologizing for sovereign reasons by the industrialized countries that required the prevention of export.

When the daily toured the centers affiliated with the Kuwait Cancer Control Center, such as the Hussein Makki Juma Center for Specialized Surgery, the Yaqoub Behbehani Center for Bone Marrow Transplantation and specialized laboratories, a number of patients confirmed the availability of the majority of drugs, with new drugs being alternatives to the drugs they were taking at the beginning of their treatment, pointing out to the doctors’ confirmation of their conformity with the original drug in terms of composition, active substance, concentration, quality and safety standards. The visitors pointed out the importance of reducing the appointments time frame granted to each other in these centers, especially that cancer differs from other diseases, through its rapid spread and the difficulty of controlling and treating it, explaining that attention to the psychological aspect of patients is important, taking into account the psychological state of their families.

They pointed out that any new failure in the arrival of medicines or their alternatives may have dangerous health consequences for cancer patients, who are accustomed to specific medicines that are difficult to suddenly replace, even if they are with the same composition and material, noting that their suffering increases in the event of repeated shortages of some medicines. This exposes them to health setbacks due to the interruption of treatment, which must be taken regularly and without any interruption, according to the instructions of the doctors. They indicated that some of them have been undergoing treatment in these centers for years, and their condition has improved, and there are certain chemical drugs that have achieved excellent results in controlling the spread of cancer, but the recent lack of them led to health complications, stressing the importance of the Ministry of Health overcoming the obstacles that they face. Intercept the original medicines they are accustomed to.

In a related context, the sources stated that the Ministry of Health adopted a specific practical methodology to provide medicines, as well as identical alternatives to unavailable medicines, and that it coordinated with health offices abroad to provide them, and through local companies when needed, in addition to overcoming obstacles and accelerating the documentary cycle related to Requests for medicines and medical supplies.

The sources added that Minister, Dr. Khaled Al-Saeed, pays great attention to the issue of medicines, especially after the recent complaints about the shortage, especially for cancer patients, pointing to his meeting with officials of the pharmaceutical sector, medical equipment, control and inspection recently, with the aim of following up and controlling the strategic stock of medicines and supplies, ways to enhance and maintain the stock, and provide health facilities needed, and through the governance and control of drug dispensing. In the meantime, the visitors demanded quick solutions to the problem of parking spaces for the vehicles of cancer center patients, as some of them are forced to stop in the prohibited areas and be subjected to traffic violations, with the difficulty of parking their vehicles far from the centers, due to their health conditions that prevent them from walking on foot for long distances

This news has been read 10390 times!

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