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Cancelling residence and coming back on new visa – Can family stay back?

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I am currently in big dilemma because of the visa transfer issues. Let me know your advise. Am currently with the employers for 4 years and was a local hire from a private company. My visa is under project visa and my company stamped my residence in the last week of March 2018.

I got a good offer from another sponsor but came to know that my visa cannot be transferred immediately as I need to complete 6 months from date of stamping my visa, I can start with the new company only if my visa can be transferred. Kindly advise options for the above problem.

I have my family here whose visa will have to be renewed next month, so am not sure if I can stamp their residencies and cancel my visa, then go back to my country and come back in new visa, am not fully aware of the consequences in such a situations. Appreciate your immediate response.

Name withheld

Answer: Unfortunately the residence permits of members of your family are tied to yours meaning that their residence permits stand cancelled when you cancel yours. This means that when you exit the country to come back on a new visa you have to exit with them. However when you are returning on a new visa you have to return alone. Your family can only be invited to join you only after you return to process your papers and acquire a residence permit.

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