CAN wraps up successful ‘Get Screened’ prostate cancer awareness campaign

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 30, (Agencies): The National Cancer Awareness Campaign (CAN) concluded its prostate cancer awareness drive with the theme “Get Screened.” The event took place at the Bahra Hall of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Mujalham, a senior specialist in urology, laparoscopic surgery, minimally invasive surgery, and surgical robotics, highlighted the diverse surgical options available for prostate cancer treatment. He specifically emphasized the groundbreaking nature of robotic surgeries, noting their distinctive characteristic of being conducted through small surgical incisions. Al-Mujalham underscored the precision of these operations, attributing it to the surgical robot’s ability to produce high-quality 3D images and enhance the accuracy of the surgeon’s movements during robotic surgery.

Notably, Al-Mujalham mentioned that the presence of surgical robots is not uniform across all hospitals in Kuwait. He expressed hope for the widespread adoption of this technology in all healthcare facilities to enhance the quality of treatment services for patients.

He further emphasized that the application of surgical robots extends beyond prostate cancer surgeries, encompassing various surgical procedures involving the kidneys, liver, colon, and pancreas. Al-Mujalham pointed out that approximately 5 million surgical operations worldwide have utilized robotic technology since 2005, highlighting its role in improving the precision of surgeries.

This news has been read 520 times!

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