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Tuesday , August 16 2022

Call to cancel licenses of food trucks parked at TEC premises

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KUWAIT CITY, July 19: The Touristic Enterprises Company has called for the cancellation of the valid licenses of food trucks present at the sites of the company, reports Al-Qabas daily. In a letter addressed to Kuwait Municipality, the CEO of the company Abdulwahab Al-Marzouq said, “This is based on the contract between the company and the Ministry of Finance dated April 28, 2009 regarding the utilization and maintenance of state-owned tourist facilities to serve the goals and objectives of the state in terms of public entertainment and tourism. The company has been keen to achieve these goals in a way that enhances its strategy to develop its facilities in an effort to show the civilized face of the country. As part of the company’s recent endeavor to develop its tourism facilities, it has contracted with companies that own major brands to utilize the seafront restaurants through auctions, with large sums of money, in an attempt to restore the civilized landscape of Kuwait’s seafront, in implementation of the company’s strategy. These companies are the economic engines, so their continuation in providing services is linked to the financial return. Therefore, the presence of food trucks in the locations that these companies utilize threatens them with economic losses due to their obstruction from investing in restaurants in the optimal way.

Al-Marzouq listed the existing disadvantages due to the presence of food trucks in the company’s sites. They include poor distribution of these vehicles, their lack of attention to cleanliness, their reservation of parking lots, and their presence in locations directly facing the restaurants. It has resulted in great damages due to the reluctance of restaurant goers to go to other places because they did not feel the quality of the experience in the seafront. This may lead to these companies seeking to terminate their contract with the Touristic Enterprises Company, and this would be detrimental to the company’s economic and strategic interests. Al-Marzouq explained that the company considers the seafront as Kuwait’s civilized destination, as it has taken great care of its beautification by taking care of the crops and keeping them always green, as well as ensuring their cleanliness and improving the service centers (restaurants) located there.

However, with the spread of food trucks on the beaches and seafronts, and within the scope of the Touristic Enterprises Company’s management and utilization of these sites, the food trucks caused significant congestion and inconvenience, and negatively affected the parking lots. Many of these vehicles distort the urban landscape due to their deterioration, as well as leave behind waste resulting from their activities due to their lack of respect for hygiene. This distorts the aesthetic landscape of the seafronts, and drains the company’s material and human energies to work on removing these waste remains. Al-Marzouq said, “In the interest of the Touristic Enterprises Company to achieve a balance between contributing to helping small projects in implementation of the state’s initiative, and achieving the company’s objectives by showing the civilized and aesthetic face of the State of Kuwait, the company has submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry that included providing services for these vehicles. The proposal entails providing it with electricity and cleaning services, and organizing car parks in suitable numbers for it according to a scheme that takes into account the achievement of the best results for this service, in return for fees for this service”. He affirmed the keenness of the company to achieve its goals, adding that he believes the responsibility entrusted to the municipality is consistent with its vision due to which the company calls for approval to cancel the valid licenses for mobile vehicles in the sites managed by the Touristic Enterprises Company.

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