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Monday , October 25 2021

Call to boycott ‘fashionistas’ and launch probe in their ever-inflating bank record

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 15: A campaign that was launched recently under the title ‘Money Laundering Block’ called for a boycott of some ‘fashionistas’ and ‘fashionists’ and called for investigating the source of their money since their bank balances have inflated disproportionately and that it is not for the first time, but similar campaigns have proceeded and have failed to achieve their goals for various reasons, reports Al-Rai daily.

According to the campaigners these people have destroyed generations and jeopardized the thinking of teenagers. The activists held pictures of some celebrities portraying how they were before becoming famous and expressed their surprise how these people became millionaires overnight. At a time when the activists questioned the Ministry of Interior for turning a blind eye to the abuses committed by these ‘fashionistas’ and ‘fashionists’ against the society including moral transgressions and striking at the very values, customs and traditions of the Kuwaiti system with their unusual behavior within the community, informed sources told the daily the Ministry of Interior and some of those responsible for dealing with these negative phenomena are colluding with some of the ‘fashionistas’ and ‘fashionists’ and this has led to some of the celebrities persisting in their public behavior without fear, especially as some of them are promoting unparalleled cultures and health products unlicensed by the competent authorities in the Ministry of Health.

The sources added there are cases about money laundering and inflation of accounts that were being under investigation and that after the investigations reached the advanced stage, the cases were shelved. The sources pointed out some of these celebrities cover their illegal activities by joining the commercial projects to hide their richness. However, it is common sense that even if these commercial projects are profitable they cannot generate millions ‘overnight’.

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