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Sunday , September 22 2019

Call to stop polluting Shamlan harbour

KUWAIT CITY, July 20, (KUNA): Kuwaiti Diving Team affirmed the need for quick intervention of the concerned authorities to stop wanton defacing of Al-Shamlan Harbor close to the Fish Market by the owners of ships and boats who dump used plastic materials, planks, oil and fishing nets there.

The team leader Waleed Al-Fadhel explained that his team removed five tons of garbage from the area. The indiscriminate dumping of garbage in that location has changed color of the water to black, especially due to the presence of large quantity of oil.

He indicated that it is easy to see with naked eyes that the area is polluted with oil, as layers of oil float on the surface of the water, adding that this phenomenon is dangerous for the seawater and could lead to serious environmental problems.

Al-Fadhel assured that the team is committed to cleaning Al-Shamlan Harbor to ensure the preservation of its historical and civilization significance. He stressed that the area is a major gateway for transporting fish to the local market, adding that he hopes all concerned authorities will cooperate for the sake of a better environment

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