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Monday , October 25 2021

Call for urgent action as public bodies warn violent crime rise

‘Women, children vulnerable groups’

KUWAIT CITY, May 8: The public benefit associations have warned of the increase in the rate of violent crimes in Kuwait, reports Al-Qabas daily. They stressed the need for urgent action by the concerned authorities to address this phenomenon and provide security and protection for all members of the society.

In this file photo the public is staging a protest after the recent spike in crimes, including murder.

In a press statement, the public benefit associations said, “Kuwait has recently been going through a very dangerous turning point on various walks, the negative repercussions of which have afflicted every category of society. This renders us to stop and reflect on the spread of crimes in their ugliest forms beyond description and imagination. Not a day passes without us being shocked by news of a crime that is more cruel than the one that occurred before. There is now an overwhelming concern that everyone feels about the lack of safety and full protection for every individual or group of society. Perhaps the most severe harm falls on the most vulnerable groups, which are women and children. Hence, everyone should feel the high responsibility for all of this by addressing this dangerous phenomenon that prevails in our society, which is blessed with peace and stability.

The first party that should perhaps bear the largest part of this heavy responsibility is the Ministry of Interior. However, other institutions are not excluded from bearing the brunt of this phenomenon. They must work together to ensure – 1. Concerted and united efforts to address these crimes before they occur. 2. Speedy issuance of judgments and the implementation of the harshest punishments against the perpetrators of these crimes, so that they serve as an example to others. 3. Expediting the opening of shelter homes with specialized cadres and issuing the executive regulations for the domestic violence law. 4. Training of the Ministry of Interior’s cadres, especially those working in police stations and receiving complaints, working to take them with great seriousness and attention and not being complacent or lax in following up their procedures.

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