Café in Hawally Shut Down for Adulterated Food and Drinks

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KUWAIT CITY, Oct 9: Inspectors from the Commercial Control Department, under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, have taken decisive action by shutting down a restaurant and café located in Hawally. It was found that the establishment was using expired ingredients in the preparation of food and beverages which is a clear violation of consumer protection laws and regulations.

According to reliable sources, trade inspectors were conducting routine field inspections at a café in Hawally, which held a license for serving food to its customers. During the inspection, it was evident that the materials used in the preparation of food, beverages, and shisha for customers had expired several months ago.

The sources specifically highlighted that the expired materials included items such as chicken, cheese, jam, halloumi, and coconut, along with ingredients for both hot and cold beverages. These ingredients included powdered milk, cocoa, various types of coffee, and tea with various flavors.

Regarding the shisha flavors seized during the operation, it was found that all types and flavors examined by trade inspectors had expired six months earlier. This revelation raised concerns that the café’s management, despite being aware of the subpar quality of their products, continued to serve them to customers. This implies, from a regulatory perspective, an intentional effort to deceive consumers in pursuit of unjust profits from the sale of adulterated food and ingredients.

As a consequence of these findings, the café has been sealed, and legal procedures are being initiated to refer the violator to the appropriate judicial authorities. The Commercial Control Department has emphasized its commitment to expanding inspection campaigns across all markets and diligently combating any violations, be they related to artificially inflated prices or the quality of products offered to consumers.

This news has been read 5256 times!

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