Building violations ‘hit’ subsidy money

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KUWAIT CITY, July 24: The head of the Rapid Intervention Team in the Municipality of the Capital Governorate, Zaid Al-Enezi, the Rapporteur of the committee to reduce the phenomenon of bachelor housing in private and model housing areas, confirmed that “state budgets suffer due to building violations in various regions of the country, reports Al-Rai daily. One major concern raised by Al-Enezi is the legality and validity of issuing civil cards to bachelors in private and model housing.

According to applicable law, a property should only be associated with one civil number, so the registration of multiple names and families on the same property raises serious questions. Furthermore, a significant problem arises from the fact that many bachelors in private and model housing provide false residence addresses on their civil cards, which poses a severe dilemma.

Al-Enezi strongly emphasized that the current scenario of building violations amounts to the embezzlement of public funds. These violations not only contribute to high crime rates but also lead to infrastructural damages and increased environmental pollution, exacerbating the overall situation. Addressing these issues becomes crucial to preserve public funds, maintain proper urban planning, and ensure the well-being of residents and the environment. Meanwhile, the Kuwait Municipality dealt a new blow to the owners of violating real estate, as the emergency team in the Jahra Governorate Municipality Branch cut off power supply in the Al-Qasr area to four properties which violated the laws, regulations, and technical requirements of the municipality, and the rest of the relevant authorities, reports Al-Anba daily.

The power supply was cut off after it became clear that these properties deviated from the purpose for which the license was issued and were rather used for commercial and turned into central markets, communication stores, sewing workshop and a laundry and residence for bachelors. This happened after the team received direct instructions from the Director- General of the Municipality, Eng. Saud Al-Dabbous, to follow up and monitor a number of violating properties and accompanied by personnel from the ministries of Interior and Electricity and Water singled out 4 violating that were used as residences for bachelors, a central market, a laundry, and a tailoring shop

This news has been read 7089 times!

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