Britney Spears addresses Facetune use and thanks her amazing friends

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Britney Spears. (AP)

LOS ANGELES, Oct 1, (Agencies): Britney Spears maintains a positive outlook despite her ongoing divorce from estranged husband Sam Asghari. The 41-year-old pop singer took to Instagram to express her gratitude for her “wonderful friends,” shed light on her use of Facetune, and share that she’s taking life “one day at a time” during these challenging moments.

“In such a breathtaking location!!! I’m truly fortunate to have incredible friends by my side!!! Positive affirmations mean the world to me right now!!!” Spears captioned pictures featuring her alongside her manager and “best friend,” Cade Hudson. She continued, “I mention this because going through a divorce and reliving my past in a book has been… let’s just say, quite a journey!!! I’m just being honest!!!”

“But I’m embracing each day, learning to find my breath!! Self-love is incredibly crucial!!!” she added. “I woke up today and found myself in tears, overwhelmed with gratitude for being in such a stunning place!!!”

The singer also opened up about her relationship with social media and her acceptance of people using Facetune, including herself. “It’s quite addictive… but, in my personal opinion, the moment you start taking yourself too seriously is when people stop enjoying!!!” she expressed. “I’m not advocating for a lifetime of FaceTune, but honestly, on days when I struggle with depression, I explore new apps and it lightens my mood!!! It’s like, ‘Wow, this is fun!!!’ I see things in a more positive light, and if it’s enhanced, who cares?!”

“I’m just trying to understand those who claim they don’t engage with it!! Yet, for some reason, they’re on the defensive, making accusations and downplaying it, saying that all pictures are fake and retouched!!” she added. “Nothing is real… honestly, why stress about it!!”

This news has been read 821 times!

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