British Foreign Secretary duped by fake Petro Poroshenko call

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David Cameron receives deceptive call from fake Petro Poroshenko.

LONDON, June 8: The British Foreign Secretary, David Cameron, found himself on the receiving end of a deceptive phone call purportedly from former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. According to reports from the British news agency PA, the call was part of a series of communications that included text messages and even a video call, all initiated by the impersonator posing as Poroshenko.

Despite the apparent authenticity of the video call, Cameron grew suspicious and, on Friday night, requested contact details from the caller, to which there was no response. Following an investigation, the Foreign Office confirmed the fraudulent nature of the messages and the video call. They also warned of the risks associated with such deceptive acts, indicating that if the video call had been manipulated for malicious purposes, they would have made the case public.

This incident underscores the prevalence of deceitful calls, with similar instances reported in the past. Notably, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni fell victim to a fake call originating from Russia during the winter. Subsequent investigation revealed that the number belonged to the Russian duo Wowan and Lexus, who had previously deceived former German Chancellor Angela Merkel after she had stepped down from her position.

This news has been read 518 times!

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