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Britain is not haven for criminals, says UK’s Ambassador to Kuwait

British Ambassador to Kuwait Michael Davenport

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 19, (Agencies): British Ambassador to Kuwait Michael Davenport said the concerned authorities in Kuwait have not contacted the embassy regarding the fake university diplomas issue, stressing “this subject is far from us,” reports Al- Rai daily.

He pointed out the British universities are ranked second globally as a destination for students from all other countries and their outputs are recognized all over the world. He asserted his country is not a haven for criminals, adding that Britain has received a request to extradite former Director General of the Public Institution for Social Security (PIFSS) Fahd Al-Raja’an although the extradition agreement between the two countries has yet to be ratified.

He disclosed the British Interior Minister has agreed to extradite Al-Raja’an but certain legal matters must be settled first before taking this step. Davenport went on to say that the nuclear agreement with Iran is an important element of Britain’s security and that of the region. He affirmed his country remains committed to this agreement; indicating his country is keen on working with European partners and other signatory parties to ensure continuous implementation of the agreement.

He pointed out this is in spite of the concern of the United States, European partners and their allies in the region about the Iranian ballistic missiles and attempts to destabilize the region. He added Britain believes these problems can be dealt with more effectively by maintaining the nuclear agreement with Iran. Furthermore Assistant Undersecretary for Public Education at the Ministry of Education Fatima Al-Kandari has announced that eight new schools will be inaugurated on Aug 28 as part of preparations for academic year 2018/2019, reports Al-Jaridah daily.

She revealed these schools include two kindergartens and one elementary school in the Capital Educational District, one preparatory school in Farwaniya, one school in Jahra and two schools in Ahmadi. On the other hand, Al-Kandari disclosed the local recruitment of teachers is ongoing concurrently with the foreign contracts in order to cover the manpower needs for the upcoming school year.

She said the committee tasked to hire teachers in Tunisia has signed contracts with 40 female Physical Education teachers and 31 male French Language teachers. She added the committee assigned to recruit teachers in Jordan hired 85 Science and English teachers, indicating the number of teachers who were recruited so far does not match the actual need.

She went on to say that the committee sent to Palestine recruited 150 Mathematics teachers — half are men and the other half are women. She affirmed the preparations for the new academic year are ongoing, adding that she gave directives to the directors of all educational districts to provide the needs of schools in order to ensure they are fully prepared to receive students.

She revealed she had meetings with the directors of educational districts, during which they were instructed to conduct field tours in schools in their respective districts to closely follow up preparations and guarantee the provision of different services as well as the distribution of textbooks to students by the beginning of the school year.

She added the Public Education Department intends to have a meeting with its administrative counterpart to determine the total number of new teachers who signed contracts locally and identify the needs of schools for teachers with various fields of specialization.

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