Brazilian Nabbed for Posing as Doctor with Phony $8 Online Diploma

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SAO PAULO, Mar 9: A woman from Brazil, Mirian Santana, was apprehended on her first day of work at a hospital in Coroados, São Paulo, after it was discovered that she had been posing as a doctor. Despite lacking authentic medical credentials, Santana had already treated approximately 30 patients, both adults and children, before being arrested. The suspicions of other healthcare professionals arose when they investigated her registration number, which corresponded to that of a legitimate doctor.

Mirian Santana, aged 27, was arrested at a hospital in Coroados, São Paulo

Upon further examination, it was revealed that Santana’s purported medical diploma had been obtained online for a mere $8. Moreover, the document falsely claimed that she had completed her coursework in 2022, a year before the degree program had even commenced. When confronted about the fraudulent diploma, Santana confessed to purchasing it online.

Reportedly employed as a speech therapist earning around $802 per month, Santana secured the position at the clinic through an outsourcing company involved in a bidding process with City Hall. Authorities have not yet verified Santana’s claimed profession.

This news has been read 545 times!

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