Bowling World Cup draws to close in Kuwait

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Bowlers take part in the competition.

KUWAIT CITY Oct 14,: The final day of the World Bowling Championship for both men and women has arrived, after being hosted by Kuwait from October 4th to 15th. The championship saw 400 male and female players from 36 national teams in intense competition. The grand conclusion is marked by the group competition, regarded as the most formidable and competitive event, as all participants vie for the title, attracted by the significant financial and moral rewards and the chance to ascend the podium at a tournament renowned for its technical and organizational excellence.

Ahmed Khamis Al-Ali, a member of the UAE Bowling Federation and director of the teams, expressed his satisfaction with the championship’s smooth progress, highlighting the exceptional organization, which has set new standards in the history of world bowling championships.

Al-Ali praised Kuwait’s significant contribution to the sport, emphasizing how it has showcased the Gulf’s distinct presence in the world of bowling, a factor that led to Sheikh Talal Al-Mohammad’s appointment as the leader of world bowling.

He underscored that Al-Mohammad’s leadership has elevated Gulf bowling to an international level, offering support to engage with the world’s finest players and training programs.

Al-Mohammad’s selection was the result of the General Assembly’s deep belief in his leadership, spurred by the tangible progress witnessed during Kuwait’s recent leadership of the sport.

Furthermore, the President of the International Federation is tirelessly working with representatives and members of the World Bowling Federation to promote and advance the sport significantly.

Musa Badr Al-Maimani, a member of the Omani Bowling Federation, also lauded Kuwait’s outstanding presentation of the World Bowling Cup, affirming that it represented one of the sport’s finest moments on the global stage.”

This news has been read 1088 times!

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