Bouabaya, rare eagle sighted in the Jahra Reserve

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 19: The Kuwait Environment lensman spotted a rare eagle in the Jahra Reserve, nicknamed ‘Bouabaya’. 

Arif Al-Awadhi, a member of the Kuwait Environment Lens team, told Al-Rai, “The rarity of this bird makes it one of the birds loved to be photographed by everyone who follows its habitat and environment lovers alike.

He went on to say, “Nearly two years ago, I documented this bird in the Salmi Desert, and I was lucky to see this type of eagle. At that time, a number of eagles were circling this bird, as if they were the chicks of this huge bird, given their small size compared to it.”

He added, “Today, as I entered the Jahra Reserve, I found this beautiful bird of the eagle family known as the Eurasian black vulture, and in Kuwait, they know it colloquially as Buabaya.

It is a rare migratory bird, and it is considered one of the largest eagles in the world, as its wingspan reaches up to 3 meters.

Al-Awadhi continued, “This rare eagle is like almost all the vultures in the region, whose numbers have decreased due to the poisoning because they feed on dead animals.”

This news has been read 450 times!

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