Bird market in Al-Rai faces risk of fire

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Haphazard storage, open wires hazardous

KUWAIT CITY, July 24: The bird market in Al-Rai is a destination for bird enthusiasts who purchase their needs like grain, cages and others; but a number of violations have been uncovered, making the market a ‘ticking bomb’ waiting for a spark to set it on fire, similar to what happened in the tent market before, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily’s staff visited the bird market recently, during which they noticed several violations.

Some shops rented by citizens as State properties have been rented out to expatriates, mostly Asians; while other shops have no commercial or fire licenses, hence, the lack of security and safety protocols. The bird market is like a ‘ticking bomb’, waiting for a spark to devour it, and all of this is happening in front of the concerned authorities.

Colorful birds in a cage waiting for customers

Other violations observed include the random storage of items in corridors and in front of shops, open electrical transformers which are vulnerable to tampering and could explode any time, as well as extensions and exposed wires on the walls and ceilings of the market that is made of pre-fabricated materials and timber.

Meanwhile, Acting Director-General of Kuwait Municipality, Engr Nadia Al-Shraideh, announced the formation of a committee to discuss the unification of data related to real estate, legal documents and cadastral plans to preserve the rights of their owners and facilitate them to manage their properties and dispose them with ease, reports Al-Qabas daily. Al-Shraideh said in a press statement, the Municipality is working to cooperate with various concerned authorities to serve citizens and speed up the completion of their transactions, including those related to real estate, the completion of which requires the unification of its data between the Municipality, the Real Estate Registration Department and the Public Authority for Housing Welfare.

In this regard, she pointed out that it issued Administrative Decision No. 93 of 2022 to form the aforementioned committee headed by the head of the survey sector, directors for the departments of ownership determination, auditing and engineering follow-up, in addition to participants from the Regulatory and Legal Departments to search for real estate data, legal documents and cadastral plans exploited by real estate owners and notify the concerned authorities to take the necessary measures to unify their documents and data. She indicated that the committee will also examine and study the requests and complaints submitted by real estate owners regarding the difference in their real estate data and coordinate with the various concerned authorities in the municipality and abroad in order to find appropriate solutions to the obstacles encountered in implementation.

This news has been read 9514 times!

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