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Bill to establish central power on citizenship, fraud detection will be presented soon

‘Bedoun Bill is not absolute, subject to deliberations’

Kuwait National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 4: MP Marzouq Al-Ghanim disclosed that he and several other MPs submitted the Bedoun Bill last Thursday, indicating another bill on the establishment of a central authority for citizenship and the detection of fraud will be presented soon.

The Speaker stressed that the Bedoun Bill is not absolute or infallible as it will be subject to deliberations. Asked about the reason behind the late disclosure, he explained this maneuver is aimed at proving some individuals are ready to attack the bill for political reasons only and has nothing to do with the content.

He said the bill has been under attack since Thursday, proving that orders were given to these individuals without knowing the content. He added this initiative started in April in accordance with an Amiri directive to pick up the pace in solving the Bedoun issue, and that since then both the Parliament and government have exerted tremendous efforts to compose this bill. He confirmed all concerned officials, citizens and activists were approached and given a voice in the composition of the bill.

He said although the bill has been submitted, dialogues continue as the bill is not absolute; it is subject to deliberations and amendments. In another development, the parliamentary Health and Social Affairs Committee finalized its agenda and priorities for the current term during its meeting Monday.

Committee rapporteur MP Sa’doon Al-Hammaad disclosed that amongst their priorities is the regulation of charity work, which was referred back to the committee for revision in the last legislative round. He said the proposed amendments have been approved and that the bill is ready to be submitted for deliberations and hopefully for ratification.

Al-Hammaad added the committee also prioritized the amendment Seniors Health Insurance Law to include several other categories such as housewives and persons with disabilities.

The MP clarified that the committee decided to focus on this amendment even if the minister of health is capable of taking such action without the need to issue legislation because the latter has neglected this matter.

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