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Bill seeks cap on domestic hires

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KUWAIT CITY, Oct 23: MP Bader Al-Humaidi submitted a bill on limiting the cost of hiring domestic workers to KD350. His bill also prohibits sponsors from keeping the personal documents of the workers without the latter’s approval. National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim expressed gratitude to the medical teams and support institutions for exerting tremendous efforts in dealing with the Covid-19 crisis. In a post on his Twitter account recently, Al-Ghanim thanked Allah the Almighty and all those who contributed to the resumption of normal life in the country after several months of grappling with the Corona crisis which negatively affected the entire world. He stressed that no words of appreciation can match the efforts exerted by the medical teams and support institutions.

Deputy Assembly Speaker Ahmad Al-Shuhoumi presented a proposal for Kuwait Municipality to allocate 20 percent of commercial advertisement spaces located on the sides of roads for the owners of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). He suggested that the owners of SMEs will pay lower fees for such advertisements. Meanwhile, as part of preparations for the second parliamentary round; MP Fayez Al-Jomhour invited members of the 31 MPs Bloc to a meeting in his house on Sunday to unify their positions on various issues, including the formation of parliamentary committees and the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

On the other hand, MP Saadoun Hammad forwarded queries to Minister of Health Dr Basel Al- Sabah regarding the contract with Moderna Switzerland GMBH for the import of two million doses of Covid-19 vaccine at a total price of $80 million. He requested for a copy of the contract and he wants to know the reason why the contract does not stipulate the price specified by the manufacturer of the vaccine — $28.5 per dose. He asked if the Purchasing Committee at the Ministry of Health was consulted before agreeing on setting the price of per dose at $40. If yes, he demanded for a copy of the committee’s report in this regard. He also wants to know the reasons behind the decision to order a huge quantity of the vaccine and if the specified number of doses is based on studies conducted by the ministry to estimate the needed quantity of the vaccine. He pointed out that as per the advice of the State Audit Bureau (SAB), the price stipulated in the contract — $40 per dose — must be modified to be the same as the price specified by the manufacturer ($28.5 per dose). He asked why the contract was not suspended or modified in view of SAB’s advice. By Saeed Mahmoud Saleh Arab Times Staff

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