Tuesday , October 3 2023

‘Beware of soliciting calls from int’l gangs’

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KUWAIT CITY, April 27: In light of the vigorous attempts by international gangs to impersonate Kuwaiti telephone numbers, an information and communication technology expert, Engineer Qusai Al-Shatti, warned against responding or dealing with such calls, which he called “invitational calls,” reports Al-Rai daily. Al-Shatti said, in a statement to “Al-Rai”, that “the matter has evolved to the point that these numbers call, and when they are not answered and called back by the person calling him, he responds with the real number, so that both parties find themselves victims of an attempt to lure by those gangs.” stressing the need for validation and verification.

He added, “In the event that unanswered calls are received, and upon contacting them, it turns out that the owner of this number did not call in the first place, then this means that there is an abnormal matter that must be stopped,” noting that “the official authorities do not ask for any data over the phone, and if there is something related to the customers of these devices or other financial institutions, they request the customer to visit one of their branches. Regarding the methods of obtaining personal numbers and using them by these gangs, Al-Shatti indicated that “there are various methods, including phone number applications, as well as hacking some phones and obtaining contact lists.”

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