Beatles’ McCartney discusses Yoko Ono’s studio presence and its impact

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LOS ANGELES, Oct 15, (Agencies): Paul McCartney fondly reminisces about the transformative period in the Beatles’ history when John Lennon introduced his wife, Yoko Ono, to the studio. In a recent episode of his “McCartney: A Life in Lyrics” podcast, the 81-year-old Grammy winner shared insights into the band’s sentiments regarding Ono, now 90, becoming part of their recording process.

McCartney revealed that this pivotal moment occurred during the recording of the 1968 album known as “The White Album,” which was also their self-titled ninth studio LP. It was a time when the band was on the brink of a breakup.

He explained to poet Paul Muldoon, “John and Yoko had gotten together, and that was bound to have an impact on the group’s dynamics. Having Yoko physically present in the recording sessions was something we had to adjust to. The underlying idea was that if John wanted her to be there, then she should be. There was no reason to object.”

When Muldoon pointed out that the group was supposed to be working during recording sessions, McCartney added, “Anything that disrupted our creative flow was, of course, a disruption. We tolerated it without making a fuss. But, in all honesty, I don’t think any of us particularly enjoyed it. It interfered with our established workflow. The four of us collaborated with George Martin, and that was our usual approach. We had always worked that way. We weren’t inclined to be confrontational, so we simply bottled up our feelings and soldiered on.”

McCartney went on to emphasize that, for the Beatles, spending time in the studio was an integral part of their professional responsibilities. “Being the Beatles meant that when we weren’t on tour, we were in the studio. If we were in the studio, we were creating new music. That’s what we did with our lives. We were the Beatles, and that meant that when we weren’t touring, we were recording. When we were recording, we were writing.”

This news has been read 837 times!

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