Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson placed under conservatorship

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Brian Wilson of Beach Boys was under conservatorship after wife’s death.

LOS ANGELES, May 11: Renowned Beach Boys co-founder and prolific songwriter-producer Brian Wilson, 81, has been placed under conservatorship after a petition from his family, prompted by the recent passing of his wife, Melinda Ledbetter, in January.

Wilson’s conservatorship was established during a hearing overseen by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Gus T. May on Tuesday. The decision came after a series of legal proceedings initiated by Wilson’s family and friends following Ledbetter’s death at their Beverly Hills residence.

“I find from clear and convincing evidence that a conservatorship of the person is necessary,” stated May during the hearing, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

The conservatorship, to which Wilson consented, was deemed essential due to his diagnosis of a “major neurocognitive disorder.” Given his current state, Wilson is unable to make health care and financial decisions independently. Therefore, his publicist Jean Sievers, and manager LeeAnn Hard have been appointed as his conservators.

Wilson’s journey toward conservatorship began shortly after Ledbetter’s passing, with his family, including daughters Carnie and Wendy Wilson of Wilson Phillips, filing a petition and a doctor’s capacity declaration. The declaration cited Wilson’s medication for dementia and his inability to meet basic personal needs.

Carnie and Wendy Wilson requested involvement in their father’s medical decisions, which the court approved. Despite some minor delays, the process unfolded smoothly, with unanimous agreement that conservatorship was in Wilson’s best interest. In a report filed by his attorney, Wilson expressed trust in Sievers and Hard to fulfill their roles faithfully.

A statement jointly signed by Wilson and his seven children affirmed that the conservatorship would ensure stability in Wilson’s life following Ledbetter’s passing. It emphasized that Wilson would continue to enjoy the support of his family and friends while pursuing his ongoing projects.

Brian Wilson’s musical legacy with the Beach Boys spans decades, marked by chart-topping hits and international acclaim. His multifaceted role within the band as a songwriter, producer, vocalist, bassist, and keyboardist contributed to their meteoric rise to fame in the 1960s. However, the pressures of fame led to Wilson’s well-documented struggles, including a nervous breakdown in 1964 and subsequent experimentation with drugs.

This news has been read 522 times!

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