Be cautious of suspicious media machines promoting rumors

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Authorities urged to track account owners

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 19: MP Khalil Abul has warned of the ‘suspicious media machines’, which use mock accounts on the social media to promote rumors in an orderly manner and did not rule out the possibility of ‘external’ intelligence working to destabilize the security of the country, reports Al-Rai daily.

The parliamentarian told the daily undoubtedly we see organized work in some accounts. There is a kind of coordination and synchronization between them when they attack the institutions or people and called it not an individual or improvised work, but the work of professionally organized criminals given the amount of information and documents published by these accounts.

This indicates, he said, there are those who provide material for these social media users and called on the concerned authorities to track down the owners of these accounts and those who fund them, if any. He pointed to the fear and added, “When I see a corrupt group claiming honor and honesty, raising the banner of reform, and support and push for a certain change, I wonder… where are we heading to.”

He warned of what he described as the “organized machine” which seeks to weaken the incoming parliamentarians and weaken the democratic process and encroach on the State institutions, and said the suspicious media machine is one of the reasons for dissatisfaction within the legislative institution, because this media machinery words to influence the public opinion.

He pointed to the problem of those who raise the banner of fighting corruption because it has become difficult to identify who is the real corrupt and who is not. He said people have the right to pursue and criticize corruption and seek reform, saying that the government is unable to correct the path since it is confused because of the organized shadowy media machine. As for the most prominent files of the next session, Abul has summarized them in the issues of the bedoun and the financial situation of citizens, such as loans, subsidies, salaries and cadres.

This news has been read 11070 times!

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