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Bangladeshi MP reveals 3 new names who received in millions of dinars

KUWAIT CITY, Jun 15: More mysteries and surprises continue to unearthed in the case of Bangladeshi MP. The latest of which was acknowledged in terms of providing 1.1 million dinars by cheque for a government employee and one million dinars in cash for a person in addition to bags of gifts in millions of dinars.

(Inset) Bangladeshi Member of Parliament (MP) Mohammad Shahid Islam alias Kazi Papul

His detailed confession of providing financial sums to a person in-charge in one of the ministries, a civil servant in the Ministry of the Interior and one of the persons.

The Public Prosecution decided to continue the detention of the Bangladeshi MP and another of the same nationality for human trafficking and money laundering to complete the investigation with them after listening to the testimony of 12 expats brought by the accused from Bangladesh for money.

During investigation the Bangladeshi MP made confessions against a person in-charge in one of the ministries, and said that he was attending him at the cleaning company, and asked him to send all his Kuwaiti employees before he would come so that no one would recognize him.

According to informed sources the MP revealed in his confessions that the manager was insisting him to receive the cash amounts in return for his presence and signing the illegal transactions. The Bangladeshi MP asked his Kuwaiti employees to leave the premises or gave them off when bribing was taking place.

The confessions also affected an employee of the Ministry of Interior, where the accused said that he handed him a cheque of one million and 100,000 Kuwaiti dinars. He presented to the Public Prosecution a copy of the cheque previously received by the employee who was completing the transactions for him.

The sources pointed out that the accused confessed that he had handed over an amount of one million Kuwaiti dinars in cash to a person, in exchange for bringing numbers of Bangladeshi workers to Kuwait.

In a related context, 11 evidentiary witnesses in the case left the country yesterday, 12 persons of Bangladeshi nationality, one of whom went into hiding after receiving with his colleagues the dues from the company that also booked them for travel tickets, as it became clear after checking that he did not arrive with his colleagues at the airport.

The lawyer, Nasser Al-Hasban, who represents the Bangladeshi MP, demanded that the accused be released from any guarantee that he is a MP in his country and will not flee in light of the current conditions

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