Balsam organizes tourney in support of promising young swimmers – Kuwait Club swimmers swimming for the love of Kuwait

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The young simmers display the national flags as Balsam looks on.
The young simmers display the national flags as Balsam looks on.

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 1: The committee for sports and community organized at the Kuwait Sports Club a swimming tournament to support swimmers from the age group of 7 to 10 years. 35 swimmers participated in coordination with the celebrations of the State of Kuwait honoring the 10 year anniversary of the Amir’s succession to the throneas well as the celebrations commemorating the anniversary of the independence of Kuwait as well as the liberation of Kuwait.

The champion Balsam Al-Ayoub stated that the committee for Sports and Society at the Kuwait Sports Club  and the program “champion among us” focus on strengthening the concent of nationalism amongst the young players through the different sporting events organized at the Kuwait Sports Club. The programs contribute to raising the awareness of the importance of having respect for the nations flag, the state, and the representation of the nation with honor, faith, and generosity without limits through creativity in the sports field.

The program includes the opening of the national anthem and the raising of the flag of the State of Kuwait as well as a speech about the giving back to the nation, and the launching of a different range of events and allowing the young sporting champions to say a word on this occasion that allows them to understand the importance of giving back to the community from a young age, as well as it teaching them how to be a strong leader and a strong individual whether in their sporting clubs, teams, or just as a citizen of the state.

AmjadAlsousi, a coach for a team at the Kuwait Sporting Club, thanked the champion Balsam Al-Ayoub and the Committee of Sports and Society at the Kuwait Sports Club on organizing such an event for the promising swimming champions of tomorrow, in making them aware of the importance of nationalism and the importance of excelling in sports, and such activities would increase the productivity of these young swimmers in making them ready for competition, and allowing them to break down their barriers by allowing them to participate in such events paving their way to a successful future.

Champion Balsam Al-Ayoub thanked the all members at the Aquatic department at the Kuwait Sports Club, Captain Moataz Al-Sousi, Ali Faridoun, as well as Deyyein Al-Deyyein for their ongoing and limitless support that has allowed for them to build up great athletes. As well as that, Ms Al-Ayoubthanks to the Board of Directors of Kuwait Sports Club and as well as the Vice Chairman of the Board, Khaled Al-Ghanim.

It is to be noted that the Kuwait Sports Club is one of the most superior clubs and has reaped cups for sporting excellence in the Aquatic sports field, and boasts international champions and Olympic champions such as Yusuf Al-Askari, Abdulaziz and Abdulrazaq Al-Thuwaihy, and Hussein Al-Zaid.

This news has been read 10845 times!

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