Baghli whereabouts remain mystery

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KUWAIT CITY, Oct 20: The whereabouts of Kuwaiti businessman Mohammad Al-Baghli who went missing in Romania remains a mystery, reports Al-Rai daily.

However, the Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta has asked for answers from the security authorities in his country after the file of the ‘Obedient Son’ was handed over to him by Romania’s intelligence chief Major-General Silvio Berdoy after talks in Kuwait.

According to reliable sources Ponta has asserted during the meeting with his intelligence chief that the case of the missing Kuwaiti businessman cannot be treated as a ‘cold case’ – the term that has been used by criminal analysts when the criminal investigation fails to reach a logical reason for disappearance because of the absence of detail or not finding logical interpretations.

The file of the disappearance Baghli is not only in the custody of the Romanian premier, a former prosecutor in his country, but full attention is being paid to it by the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait, which has carefully studied it from all angles especially after the return of the security delegation headed by Colonel Khaled Al-Shanqa who was deputized by the Minister of the Interior Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid last August to follow-up investigations and to obtain detailed information on the latest developments related to the disappearance of the businessman and urging the Romanian officials to intensify efforts to ensure necessary investigations into the circumstances of the disappearance of Baghli.

The security delegation saw the progress made by the investigations conducted by the Romanian security services, and twice visited the village of ‘Kiya’ where Baghli disappeared and also met with his two of his sons Riaz and Hamad and his brother Ibrahim. They also inspected the area and the sites visited by Baghli, including the Paulo hotel where Baghli was staying twenty years ago, and the last place where he was seen minutes before his disappearance.

This news has been read 8191 times!

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