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Monday , November 29 2021

Bad choices to the fore?


There is no individual, group or idea without a good side or a virtue and the Brotherhood is no exception and its virtue is its inability to choose the right person for the right issue. The group has failed to choose a distinguished president for Egypt which is abundant in distinct and highly efficient personalities but the virtue of bad choice finally overwhelmed and saved Egypt from their evil.

The Muslim Brotherhood always fails to choose a person to represent and defend the group outside Egypt but insists on retaining the people although their reputations are tarnished because of the suspicions revolving around them. This does not mean all the members of this ‘terrorist party’ are of the same class but there are those who are smart among them but they have preferred to remain backstage and manage the party funds and support the politicians from behind the scene.

In an article by one of the people chosen to defend the Muslim Brotherhood, frequently denied that he and the ‘constitutional movement’ belong to them to avoid being involved in their follies and betrayal against their homeland. He criticized in a subtle manner the apology of the Saudi preacher Ayedh Al-Qarni for deceiving the youth and pushing them over the years towards ‘awakening’ to sacrifice themselves and their money in the pursuit of extreme ideas and deeds.

This Brotherhood member described the preacher  with high qualities and merits and considered him one of those who have contributed a lot in the area of advocacy and played a significant role in the awakening period while forgetting that the stage he had praised in the history of Al-Qarni was renounced and repented by the latter, so how come he praised him as one of the heroes in advocacy?

Describing Al-Qarni as ‘distinguished’ is inconsistent with the fact that the man had been convicted in cases for attributing the books of others to him. In 2002, Al-Qarni published his well-known book ‘Don’t Be Sad’ which was dubious at that time because the contents were copied from the book ‘Let Concern and Start Life’ from the American Del Carnegie but the heirs of the author did not take the pain at that time of pursuing him.

The success of the first attempt may have encouraged Al-Qarni to repeat it. Years later, he wrote a book entitled ‘Do not Despair’. It turned out to be a complete transcript of the book ‘The Desperate Battles’ by Saudi writer Salwa Al-Udaidan, who won a lawsuit of 330,000 riyals in compensation.

A Syrian family also sued Al-Qarni for stealing the content of a famous book written by their father entitled ‘Pictures from the Life of the Companions of the Messenger of Allah’, and the court ordered Al-Qarni to compensate the heirs of the author and pay 120,000 Saudi riyals to the book publishing house. All these informations are real, evidenced and documented.

Thus, those who praised the preacher Al-Qarni should have known his biography and the verdicts that were issued against him. Their insistence to praise him is a concrete evidence of bad choice as defenders of the Muslim Brotherhood. The insistence to renounce belonging to the Brotherhood, while insisting to praising them is top unilitarianism.

If the Brotherhood members were honest and straightforward, why did the Kuwaiti who represents the Brotherhood in Kuwait rejected the idea of belonging to them? If they are criminals, why insist on praising them? How the movement can be described as having emerged to restore hope and dignity of the nation with all this financial corruption, intellectual backwardness and inability to achieve anything, after nine decades of its founding.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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