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Wednesday , March 29 2023

B.Com degree not recognized for Accountants by shoun official

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I am working as an accountant in a company for the last 10 years. My salary is KD 400 and designation is accountant in my work permit. I have a driving licence which was issued on 21-03-2012. Now my Mandub went for Shoun pass in Sharq they are not renewing my work permit. They told us that my degree is not for accountant I have B.Com degree. My question is if I change my designation will I lose my driving licence or not and why are they not accepting my B.Com degree for accountant. Please help me, my residency work permit is finished already.

Name withheld

Answer: It is unfortunate that after ten years of using the same B.Com and accountant designation, the Shoun officials have suddenly realised that this should not be that way.

Your case is not peculiar as there have been several cases in the past of different officials interpreting laws, rules and regulations differently and end up by making things difficult for people who are subjected to their different interpretations.

This is unfortunate but that is the reality on the ground. You are likely to lose your driving licence if you change your designation especially if that designation is not among the professions that qualify to be granted exemption in meeting some of the requirements necessary for acquiring a Kuwait driving licence.

If your degree is B.Com accounting option, you may through your Mandoub appeal the decision reached by the Shoun official by demanding to see a more senior official to put across your case.

We would also suggest to get an accountant card from Accounting and Auditors Association of Kuwait and submit that card along with your degree for residence renewal.

Kindly note to get Accountants card you will need to show your original attested degree to  Accounting and Auditors Association of Kuwait if they don’t have objection to NBA accreditation

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