Automatic File Block for Non-Compliant Companies on Expats’ Deportation Expenses

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KUWAIT CITY, March 28: The Public Authority for Manpower and the Ministry of Interior are collaborating to implement measures that will halt the processing of files of non-compliant companies. These companies have failed to pay for travel tickets of individuals listed in their records, including those who have violated residency laws, been registered for absconding, or work at sites outside their companies.

Reliable sources have indicated that the suspension encompasses all companies that have not shown adherence to monitoring the cases of their detained employees at the Residence Affairs Department, reports Al Qabas. These cases involve individuals who have received deportation orders from the country due to violations of the Labor Law or the Residence Law.

The spokesperson also noted that the Ministry of Interior and the Public Authority for Manpower are working together to automatically block the files of non-compliant companies until corrective action is taken and the process of deporting the violating worker is completed. Furthermore, the tripartite committee, led by the Public Authority for Manpower and in partnership with residence affairs investigations, apprehended a total of 493 individuals who violated the residence and labor laws across six different regions during March.

The committee conveyed the detained violators to the Residence Affairs Investigation facility to undergo legal proceedings and be deported from the country. The individuals committed a range of offenses, including expiration of residency, violation of public morals, absconding from sponsors, migrant labor, and begging.

This news has been read 31526 times!

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