Australia’s Cooley tops WBT-PBA 13th Kuwait Int’l Open 2019

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Participants of the WBT-PBA 13th Kuwait International Open 2019.

The WBT-PBA 13th Kuwait International Open 2019 will end today, and prizes worth a total of $218,000 will be distributed including $50,000 to the top winner.

The event is being held at Kuwait Bowling Center in Salmiya, with the participation of 112 bowlers including world champions and masters as well as a small number of amateur bowlers who are all waiting for the opportunity to win the overall international ranking in bowling.

The last competitions of the tournament will be played in three intervals. In the 3rd round, 16 bowlers will play from 10 am to 11:30 am, and the top five players will qualify for the final round which will be held from 4 pm to 7 pm.

The last day will also witness the final rounds for the youth and women categories (for Kuwaitis only), which is due to be held from 1 pm to 3 pm.

Rounds 1 and 2 were held yesterday after the completion of the preliminary rounds that consisted of 22 teams. The participants were distributed into three categories – positions 1 to 8 includes a woman and a Kuwaiti in position 8, positions 9 to 16 includes two women, and positions 17 to 48 includes three women and two Kuwaitis, one of them in the youth category.

At the top of the rank (positions 1 to 8) is the 2018 world bowling champion and the 2012 world youth champion from Australia Sam Cooley with 1,409 points out of 1500, followed by Icelandic Arnar Jonsson in the second position with 1,396 points, Michael Mak in third with 1,381 points, 2012 world champion and 2011/2012 European champion from Denmark Thomas Larsen in fourth with 1,375 points, 2007 Masters Champion from England Stuart Williams in fifth with 1,366 points, America’s Nick Pate in sixth with 1,364 points and his female compatriot 2019 US Open Champion Danielle McEwan in seventh with 1,302 points, as well as Kuwait’s Mustafa Al-Mousawi in eighth position with 1,335 points.

Also, in ninth position is the 2017 world runner-up champion Swedish Martin Larsen with 1,357 points, then Venezuela’s 2017 runners-up Ildemaro Ruiz with 1,354 points, followed by the best bowler in 2004 and 2011 from Finland Mika Koivuniemi and England’s bowling legend Dominic Barrett with 1,352 points each, the Saudi Khalid Al-Bayudh with 1344 points, Colombian Maria Rodrigues with 1,300 points, and US female champion Liz Johnson with 1,261 points.

Also, topping the list for the finals (positions 17 to 48) is Indonesia’s Billy M. Islam with 1,342 points.

This news has been read 10465 times!

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