AUK Basketball teams shine in UAAK Tournament

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AUK’s winning Men’s Basketball Team.
AUK’s winning Women’s Basketball team.

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 29: The American University of Kuwait (AUK) men’s and women’s basketball teams claimed the championship in the 2023-2024 UAAK Tournament. The teams’ remarkable achievement was marked by an impressive streak of consecutive victories, underscoring their dominance and proficiency on the basketball court throughout the tournament. 

Eight universities participated in the league. The men’s basketball team maintained an impeccable record, remaining undefeated throughout the league. Meanwhile, the women’s basketball team secured victories in all but one game during this competitive season. 

Commenting on this impressive achievement, Mohammed Al-Saleh, senior sports coordinator, stated, “AUK athletics have become an attraction for prospective students, and I am very happy about this. When team players win, they feel that they are recognized as athletes, however at AUK just being part of an AUK sports team makes our players immediately feel like athletes. I am very proud of both the men’s and women’s basketball teams and congratulate them for all their efforts and for winning in the UAAK Basketball League.”

Omar Mehdi, director of the Office of Student Life, also shared the same sentiment, “The Office of Student Life is very proud of our champions who dominated both the men’s and women’s UAAK basketball league. Our student-athletes’ character and passion led them to this well-deserved victory.”

This victory not only underscores AUK’s athletic excellence but also reflects their unwavering dedication. The values of discipline, hard work, and teamwork exemplified by the athletes are ingrained in the ethos of the University, fostering a culture of excellence that extends beyond the sports field.

This news has been read 455 times!

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