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Sunday , February 28 2021

Attorney General reveals systematic plan to wreck state ‘institutions’

‘Justice evaders run fake accounts’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 25: In a judicial statement with unprecedented language and serious information, the Attorney General at the Public Prosecution Counselor Mohammad Rashid Al-Duaij revealed the existence of a systematic plan to insult all state institutions by challenging the integrity of the officials wrongly, with the intention of mixing up the papers and pursuing goals well known to the judiciary, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Attorney General at the Public Prosecution Counselor Mohammad Rashid Al-Duaij

In a complaint filed with the Prosecutor General against a number of suspicious fake accounts on social media that allegedly offended him, Counselor Mohammad Al-Duaij said those accounts recently had insulted others deliberately based on a well thought-out plan that affects all state institutions by challenging the leaderships and distorting their reputation with falsehood with the intention of mixing the cards and aiming a specific goal that is well known to us.

He said, “During the period from May 1 to Aug 14 this year, some suspicious accounts on social media published a set of posts that broadcasted false rumors and news that would harm us and question our integrity. Those accounts are managed by suspicious people who are fleeing from justice but creating slanders that undermine our reputation because of our positions in addressing the crimes that affect the country’s security during our current work in the Public Prosecution and during our leadership of the Criminal Court in the past years.

In recent times, these accounts continued with the abuses based on a well thought-out plan by challenging the leaders’ accounts in an attempt to discredit them, mix the cards, ensure that all officials and leaders in the country are regarded as corrupt, and engage in corrupt activities”.

Addressing the Prosecutor General, Counselor Al-Duaij said, “It is no secret to you that this misguided group of those behind these fictitious accounts claim reform but are corrupt.

They set their sights on taking revenge against the state, demolishing its foundations and undermining its judicial, social and political system by spreading rumors and false news to destabilize the security and stability of the state with everything that would degrade its prestige. They strive hard to spread the culture of abuse and question integrity in a manner that our society has not been used to.

They demolish the values on which it was raised and which will not find an echo with the honorable people of the homeland. However, the persistence of these accounts and those behind them in using these methods has reached a point where it is necessary to confront them with all legitimate legal means that would reveal the identity of those in charge of these fake and suspicious accounts, as well as those who manage and finance them.

They should be pursued until they are caught, whoever they are and wherever they are. They must be brought to criminal trial to face their punishment and to serve as an example to deter others.” Al-Duaij stressed that he does not weaken the responsibility of the one who invokes good faith of those who resend news about the dignity of people on social media to avoid punishment, as the Court of Cassation has steadily settled on the responsibility of the perpetrator even if he is not the source or the originator of the offending message, as long as he had resent it without verifying its authenticity.

He indicated that a number of prison sentences were issued against some of those who deliberately insulted members of the judiciary in a manner that called for questioning their integrity and honesty, as they did not find any benefit to invoke their good intentions.

Counselor Al-Duaij asked the Prosecutor General to take appropriate steps and instruct those who are required to investigate and arrest the sources of fabricated news and those who cooperated with them or helped them in that matter. He asked him to follow up on those who resent the false news and transmitted it on some social media sites such as “WhatsApp, Twitter and Snapchat” among individuals or groups either in good or bad faith as long as it contributes to the spread of these malicious rumors, which will expose those involved to legal accountability.

In his complaint, Counselor Al-Duaij affirmed that article 15 in the matter of State Security crimes stipulates punishment of jail term for a period of no less than three years and not more than 15 years for those who deliberately spread false or malicious rumors about the internal conditions of the country, as this would weaken its prestige and reputation.

This is in addition to article 147 of the Penal Code, which punishes anyone who violates the due respect of a judge in a manner that questions his integrity with imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years. Al-Duaij’s complaint described the blatant abuse against the members of the judicial body by this aggressive group, which aims at a specific goal.

That goal is to undermine this facility in order to complete their intended agenda of undermining the basic systems in the country by illegal means. As the propagation of lies and accusations are posted – especially through some hidden suspicious accounts – against members of the Public Prosecution, it is in itself an expression of intention to harm the reputation of this facility.

In his complaint, Counselor Al-Duaij expressed hope and confidence in the ability of the Public Prosecution to stand firmly against every conspiracy aimed at destabilizing the security and stability of the country and its basic system. This is because this apparatus will continue to impose the authority of justice and deterrence for everyone who seeks to undermine the security and stability of the country and will continue to fight corruption.

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