Attention iPhone users: Apple’s warning on using rice for wet phones – find better solutions!

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WASHINGTON, Feb 26, (Agencies): Apple has issued a cautionary note regarding a common remedy for wet iPhones, dispelling the idea of using rice in a recently released support document. The tech giant emphasized the potential harm caused by rice particles and advised against using external heat sources, compressed air, or foreign objects like cotton swabs.

In the updated 2024 support document, Apple recommends an alternative approach for wet iPhones. When an alert appears on the device, disabling charging, users are instructed to tap the iPhone gently against their hand with the connector facing down to remove any liquid. Following this, the iPhone should be placed in a dry area with adequate airflow for at least 30 minutes.

After the designated time, users can attempt to charge the device or connect an accessory to check for the warning. If the alert persists, indicating the presence of liquid, Apple advises extending the drying period in a dry area.

Apple recently unveiled the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro in September 2023, offering regular and larger “Max” sizes, a variety of colors, and running on the latest operating system, iOS 17. The company’s support note aims to guide users away from potentially damaging practices and toward effective solutions for addressing wet iPhones.

This news has been read 833 times!

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