Asian Cleaner’s Double Life Exposed in School Drug Bust

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 2: The Ministry of Interior has successfully dismantled a network comprising individuals of Asian nationalities who were allegedly involved in the sale of narcotics within schools, specifically targeting student groups and young individuals, according to informed sources disclosed to Al-Rai.

The sources detailed that the Ministry of Interior received confidential information pointing to individuals selling suspected narcotic substances. These individuals were reportedly working as cleaners in one of the Asian schools, actively engaging with students both within the school premises and beyond.

In response to the received information, relevant authorities at the Ministry of Interior swiftly took action. The criminal network was closely monitored, and upon confirming the accuracy of the gathered data, security personnel conducted a controlled operation to apprehend its members.

According to the sources, an initial arrest was made, with one member of the network found in possession of narcotics prepared for distribution and sale. Subsequently, four additional individuals of various Asian nationalities were apprehended, and necessary legal measures were taken against them.

The Ministry of Interior promptly notified the Ministry of Education about the incident, urging heightened scrutiny to ensure that schools refrain from employing residency violators or individuals wanted by security forces. This measure is intended to safeguard the safety of students, emphasizing the importance of thorough inspections within educational facilities.

This news has been read 3057 times!

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