Artists Association immerses in the ‘Memories of Radio Kuwait’

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Majed Al-Shatti, Abdullah Khalaf and Youssef Al-Sari’i during the sympsium on ‘Memories of Radio Kuwait.’

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 2: The Kuwaiti Artists Association delved into the rich history of “Memories of Radio Kuwait” during a symposium held at the association’s headquarters in Al-Mirqab. The event featured the Assistant Undersecretary for the Radio Sector at the Ministry of Information, Dr. Youssef Al-Sari’i, distinguished writer Abdullah Khalaf, and renowned journalist Majid Al-Shatti.

With an audience comprising artists, media professionals, and cultural enthusiasts, the symposium explored Kuwait Radio’s enduring legacy since its inception in the 1930s. Speakers highlighted the station’s historical contributions, the experiences of the Kuwaiti people, and its impact on local, Arab, and international events.

Majid Al-Shatti, the youngest broadcaster at Kuwait State Radio in 1964, reminisced about his early days, emphasizing the station’s role as a cultural beacon. He expressed pride in being part of Kuwait Radio during what he described as an “enlightening era” that showcased Kuwait’s artistic and cultural prowess globally.

Abdullah Khalaf, reflecting on the establishment of the Artists Association 60 years ago, noted the simultaneous rise of Kuwaiti Radio led by figures like Ahmed Al-Adwani and Hamad Rajeeb. He highlighted the station’s British-style structure and its significant contributions to literature and culture.

Dr. Youssef Al-Sari’i, drawing inspiration from Kuwait Radio’s pioneers, discussed his new book “The History of Kuwait Radio,” which contains valuable insights. He acknowledged the influence of notable figures such as director Ali Al-Zaftawi and Muhannad Al-Ansari.

Looking ahead, Al-Sari’i expressed optimism about Kuwait Radio’s future, noting its adaptability to technological advancements and its global reach. He highlighted the station’s ability to keep pace with the information revolution, making it accessible worldwide and emphasizing its role in swiftly covering global events.

This news has been read 746 times!

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