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Wednesday , October 27 2021

Artiste threatens to sue those who spread rumors about his son

Boukhaled says ‘unhappy’

KUWAIT CITY, April 22: Artiste Tariq Al-Ali denied the reports that went viral on social media within few hours about his son Sultan’s involvement in setting fire in a police station while he was detained there, reports Al- Seyassah daily.

Artiste Tariq Al-Ali

In a video clip that he posted on his social media accounts, Al-Ali denounced the rumors that accuse Sultan of the matter. He said he wonders about the reasons behind the rumors that are following him and then his son, and the fabrication of false news about his son, stressing that those who concocted these rumors have lost credibility.

Al-Ali affirmed that he will sue the blackmailers, insisting that Sultan is fine and does not act in such a manner. He said, “God suffices us and He is our strength. Am I the only famous artiste in Kuwait? Am I the only artiste with children in Kuwait? God willing, the artistic scene has big and respected names of famous people and they all have children, so why am I the only one in the picture when it has to do with disaster? You are done with me so now it is the turn of my son Sultan? I say that you are analysts but not justified. The fair and just Kuwaiti judiciary is the judge between you and me after the Lord of the worlds. I assure all people that my son is alright and does not deserve this.”

Earlier, there were reports that the son of a well-known artiste had raised a fire in Sulaibikhat Police Station while he was being held there, causing a number of policemen to suffer from smoke inhalation and they were subsequently rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, when the words come from an artist of the size and prestige of the great artiste Ibrahim Al-Salal, be sure that it is balanced and carry dozens of messages, especially since “Khaled” and since we knew him is an elegant artist, it is difficult to provoke but when he loses his temper, make sure that it is worth what he says, reports Al- Seyassah daily.

Artist Al-Salal says: “Unfortunately, when the other side loses civility and prudence, the abuse turns into misconduct, I was supposed to be part of the heritage drama team, Mohamed Ali Road.” Then the series director Manaf Abdel called me, and offered me a guest role, but the production manager spoiled everything — bargaining over the pay – and I decided not to accept and miss the Ramadan drama this year.

Boukhaled went on to say: “It is unfortunate that an artiste of my caliber is called and everything falls flat over the fee, even though my pay is well-known to all, not to mention the dependence of every artist on his wages, some of which may outweigh me, is it not first time that I am addressed by the producer himself. A person is chosen on a degree of responsibility to make the offer of participation, and with all due respect to everyone who is in charge of production management, this person misbehaved, in general God bless everyone

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