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Ardiya Industrial Area suffers from pollution … wears a distorted look

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Over 1,000 garbage containers placed disproportionately

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 17: The Ardiya Industrial Area suffers from pollution and wears a distorted look because of the spread of more than 1,100 garbage containers which are disproportionately distributed over a large area, reports Al-Rai daily. At first look it appears the number of garbage containers far outnumber the number of shops in the area, and to make matters worse these garbage containers which are not emptied on time contain various types of waste such as food and bottles, and other waste such as industrial, medical and consumer equipment, as well as various car spare parts and worn out vehicle tires, and various types of oil cans and others, which brings in unpleasant odors in the direction of the wind blowing.

The scenario has exasperated customers, given the hot climate and high humidity. It is noticeable that these containers are full of food remnants from the restaurants which have helped to become the breeding ground for animals – dogs, stray cats, mice, and other harmful animals and insects.

When the daily toured the area some shopkeepers complained about the lack in regulation of the distribution of garbage containers, which distorted the look and public taste, especially since the area has a large number of restaurants and cafés. In many cases when a hungry man walks in a restaurant to have a decent meal, he finds himself facing a garbage container which makes him lose his appetite the moment he sees cats jumping in and out of the containers.

A group of restaurant owners explained that the Cleaning Department of the Municipality in the Farwaniya Governorate is negligent in its work, as it does not monitor the work of three companies which are responsible for cleaning the area and organizing the distribution of containers. On the other hand, an official source in the Farwaniya Cleaning Department in the Kuwait Municipality confirmed to the daily the poor planning of the Ardiya Industrial Area and craftsmanship in not allocating places for containers forced the Municipality to distribute them randomly in empty places or off the Fifth Ring Road. The source supported the views of the shop owners that this distorts the general view, and that they must be rearranged to serve the shops of the area in a better way.

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