Arab Engineer’s Prank Response to Kuwait Airport Security Sparks Deportation

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 14: A casual response given to a routine question by airport security personnel turned into a serious ordeal for an Arab engineer, resulting in his deportation and travel plans being abruptly halted. The incident unfolded when the engineer, in a lighthearted manner, replied with the phrase “It contains explosives” in response to the security personnel’s query during his pre-flight travel procedures. The question pertained to the presence of prohibited items, including subsidized food, within his travel bags as he prepared to depart for his home country. Despite his subsequent attempts to clarify that his response was intended as a joke, the situation quickly escalated, leading to unforeseen consequences.

The 41-year-old traveler found himself taken to the Jleeb police station, where two legal cases were registered against him. Eyewitnesses recounted how the engineer earnestly attempted to persuade the security personnel and he had merely been expressing excitement about reuniting with his wife and children soon and his response was merely a joke .

According to a security sources, the peculiar nature of the engineer’s response, “It contains explosives,” triggered immediate cautionary measures. The security personnel escalated alert levels, treating the statement as potentially credible until a thorough investigation could be conducted. Once it was ascertained that the traveler’s claim was indeed unfounded and his bags underwent a meticulous examination yielding no evidence of explosives, the decision was made to bar him from traveling. Subsequently, he was referred to the Jleeb police station, and administrative deportation orders were issued against him.

This incident serves as a reminder of the heightened sensitivity surrounding airport security and the necessity to exercise caution and responsibility in all interactions, particularly in environments where even casual remarks can have far-reaching consequences.

This news has been read 18698 times!

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