Apple Defies Authority: Refuses to Unlock Delhi Chief Minister’s iPhone Amidst Scandal

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Apple, the American tech giant, has reportedly declined to unlock and provide access to the iPhone belonging to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. The company cited that the data can only be accessed with a password set by the device’s owner. Kejriwal, who was arrested on March 21 in the Delhi excise policy case, allegedly turned off his iPhone that night and refused to disclose its password to the authorities.

According to a report from The Print website, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) informally approached Apple to gain access to Kejriwal’s phone as part of its investigation. However, Apple refused the request. A source mentioned to the website that Apple was asked to assist in opening Kejriwal’s phone for the investigation, but the request was denied.

During questioning by the ED officials, Kejriwal reportedly expressed concerns that granting access to his phone data and chats would expose details of his party’s election strategy and pre-poll alliances. The ED informed a court in Delhi that Kejriwal gave evasive replies in multiple statements between March 23 and 27 and presented sufficient evidence, including statements from other accused, to establish Kejriwal’s involvement in the Delhi liquor scam.

This incident adds to Apple’s history of denying requests to unlock devices for law enforcement agencies. In previous instances, Apple refused to unlock iPhones for investigations related to criminal activities. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has defended the company’s stance, emphasizing its commitment to user privacy and civil liberties. Cook highlighted that complying with government orders in such cases would jeopardize data security and set a dangerous precedent threatening everyone’s civil liberties.

This news has been read 1265 times!

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