Animal nonprofit aims to reunite sergeant with overseas feline friend

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LOS ANGELES, Nov 20, (Agencies): A nonprofit dedicated to animals is on a mission to reunite Staff Sergeant Morales with a special feline companion he bonded with during his overseas deployment. Serving as a flight paramedic in the Middle East, Morales and his team encountered a cat they affectionately named Tuna. Tragically, Tuna passed away after giving birth to three kittens.

While two of the kittens found loving homes, the third, a runt named Frankie, is still overseas. Paws of War, the animal nonprofit, is now determined to rescue Frankie and bring him to Sergeant Morales in Massachusetts, where he resides.

Sergeant Morales expressed the positive impact the cats had on the morale of his team, stating, “Having these cats around has really been a morale boost. There is constant pressure with our job, and when we get a call, we know we have to be mentally and physically prepared for what we are about to experience.” He emphasized that the unexpected companionship of the cats has been a significant positive change.

Robert Misseri, co-founder of Paws of War, stressed the importance of bringing Frankie home, saying, “This sweet cat cannot be left behind. We have to get her out of harm’s way so she can be reunited with her soldier when he returns from his deployment.” Misseri highlighted that the effort to rescue Frankie is a collective one, relying on the support of the community.

Paws of War, known for its commitment to assisting military members and their pets, as well as providing service dogs and companion animals to veterans and first responders, aims to ensure Frankie’s safe journey to reunite with Sergeant Morales. The nonprofit emphasizes the collaborative effort needed to achieve this heartwarming reunion.

This news has been read 573 times!

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