Anal and Rectal Disorders Common in Kuwait

Fistula, hemorrhoids prevalent in men

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 27: Head of the surgery department at Farwaniya Hospital Dr. Khaled Al-Bassam revealed that more than 200 patients suffering from anal and rectal disorders visit the hospital’s outpatient clinics every month. This prompted the hospital administrators to expand the health services provided to these patients by launching a specialized clinic to review these cases on Tuesdays every week. In a press statement, Dr. Al-Bassam explained that the clinic specializes in treating patients suffering from anal and rectal disorders. It conducts the necessary tests for diagnosis and treatment and performs the latest type of surgery known as limited surgical intervention, which results in small wounds that help the patient recover quickly after the operation.

Patients suffering from anal and rectal diseases occupy a large proportion of hospital outpatient clinic visitors. Men are more affected by anal and coccygeal fistula diseases and hemorrhoids, while women are more affected by rectal prolapse, weakness in the pelvic muscles, and chronic constipation. Dr. Al-Bassam highlighted the efforts being exerted by the Ministry of Health to improve the health services provided in the country. This includes hosting the best international experts and consultants to discuss some complex cases, train the local medical personnel, and other important and necessary contributions to improve the quality of health services.

He announced that the hospital will soon host Dr. Philip Tozer who specializes in colorectal surgeries and works in St Mark’s The National Bowel Hospital in London, which is known for its long history of complex fistula surgeries. Dr. Al-Bassam stressed that the visit of Dr. Philip will be part of the activities of the colorectal surgeries workshop which will be held from February 4 to February 6, adding that Dr. Philip Tozer will participate in discussions about some complex cases and operations on anal fistulas, hemorrhoids, pilonidal fistulas, anal surgeries for patients with Crohn’s disease, and other anal and rectal surgeries.

Meanwhile, the general surgery specialist at Farwaniya Hospital Dr. Mahmoud Farghaly said the upcoming workshop will address the latest techniques in anal and rectal surgeries, such as the use of lasers and laparoscopes, in addition to discussing complex cases. In a press statement, he highlighted the intensification of the activities and workshops of the Surgery Department at Farwaniya Hospital on anal and rectal surgeries. Dr. Farghaly explained that about 50 advanced pilonidal and anal fistula operations were performed during the three workshops held in the year 2023.

The department hosted the Italian colorectal surgeon Dr. Piercarlo Meinero during these workshops, He was the one who came up with the idea of using laparoscopic surgical devices to perform complex fistula operations. He had trained and followed up on the doctors in the surgery department during his visits throughout the year to carry out the surgeries successfully. Dr. Al-Bassam also highlighted the suitability of the laparoscopic technique for cases of complex anal fistula and pilonidal fistula, and its success in achieving high recovery rates and significantly reducing the length of the patient’s stay in the hospital, with rapid recovery and return to normal life. This is due to the absence of a large wound like traditional surgery, which forces the patient to undergo daily changes and stay at home for two to three weeks until the wound heals
By Marwa Al-Bahrawi
Al-Seyassah/Arab Times Staff

This news has been read 2938 times!

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