Amendment of demographic structure ‘comes into force’

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Employment in security agencies for Kuwaitis only

KUWAIT CITY, March 19: The amendment of the demographic structure entered into force, after the official newspaper “Kuwait Al-Youm” published the executive regulations for the mechanisms and controls to address the imbalance in this demographic structure, reports Al-Rai daily. The controls for the security aspect includes “restricting employment in security agencies to citizens only, through direct appointment or contracts, prohibiting the recruitment of those previously excluded from the security and judicial authorities, and introducing a point system in the expatriate registry at the Public Authority of Residence Affairs at the Ministry of Interior regarding violating laws and regulations.”

In its second article, the decision draws the attention to determining the appropriate ceiling for the nationalities of workers based on the numbers of residents of workers when issuing decisions related to the implementation of the law, and the classification of workers in the light of factors and levels related to education, age, etc., and the extent of the labor market’s need for the professions occupied by expatriate workers and identifying the professions most in need of society.

The regulations refer to defining the controls and criteria for stopping the recruitment of workers in some sectors, stressing the expansion of the recruitment of national workers through the launch of employment platforms in various fields and the conclusion of joint memorandums of understanding with the private sector. On the educational side, the controls emphasized “linking education outputs to the comprehensive development plan and the requirements of the labor market, and expanding training programs for national employment.”

On the economic side, the regulations called for “coordination between government agencies related to demographics, the implementation of electronic connectivity to activate decisions related to this matter, the activation of the system of professions and professional examinations, and the controls for attracting skilled expatriate workers for jobs and professions, which may not be filled except after passing professional tests in coordination with the concerned authorities, and coordination between the relevant authorities regarding the controls and standards related to the recruitment of government contract workers, and the holders of entry visas for temporary government contracts, in addition to coordination regarding increasing the percentage of employing national workers in government contracts.

This news has been read 21838 times!

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