Al-Salem shows negative effects of excessive use of social media

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Platforms describe as ‘means of divergence’

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 26: A professor of electronic media and journalism at Kuwait University, Dr. Fatima Al-Salem, who recently assumed the position of director of the “KUNA” agency, presented at one of the sessions of the Arab Media Forum in Dubai in 2015, on “Means of Social Divergence”, where she reviewed the negative effects of the excessive use of these platforms and concluded, through a random sample of 800 people, that Kuwaitis’ excessive preoccupation with social media has led to a “new type of social isolation,” especially among those who hide behind pseudonyms.

This virtual world in which these people communicate with others, she said, “they search for sensitive social issues or taboos that they cannot find in their ordinary lives,” and takes them to “unrealistic virtual councils, in which they are stripped of the true expression of their feelings.” Several Kuwaitis, years ago, turned social media platforms, especially Twitter, which they are fond of, into a platform for grudges and a “battlefield” whose equipment is defamation, mockery, and spreading rumors and false news, in which “electronic flies” buzzing fighting each other.

Social divergence
This matter could be seen with the naked eye, as proven by studies by specialists who suggested that it is appropriate to describe the platforms, in this case, as “means of divergence”, rather than spaces for communication, education, reflection and entertainment, which was picked up by the Academy and Professor of Media at Kuwait University, Dr. Fatima Al-Salem in a scientific study, in which she called the communication networks “means of social divergence.”

Anyone who follows the conversations of most Kuwaitis on Twitter, whatever their topic, will quickly see how the dialogue turns into insults, mockery, personal accusations, defamation, prejudices, defamation, and much more. And whoever tries tweeting there, who is not fascinated by controversy and eating people’s flesh alive, will be surprised by shocking and provocative responses, explanations that did not occur to him, and the unbearable load of his words.

While acknowledging the importance of communication networks as an additional arena for spaces of expression in society, and that it reflected a kind of impulse for public opinion that interacts with events, even if it is not yet sufficiently mature, the phrase “invasion of fools” seems correct at times. Isn’t this what we prove through the many hashtags to make a “trend” out of, who writes in its space whoever wants, whatever he wants, and it is circulated and celebrated, until we are almost convinced that it represents a correct opinion that we must stop at.

This news has been read 12173 times!

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